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Question d’un participant américain :

My wife took my ’96 VDP to stop at a small locally owned antique store where she was greeted by the owner’s husband; a British gentleman. He commented on the car saying  »Hey, nice car, Anne, when did you get it? »
My wife responded,
 »oh, this is my husband’s car, he just let me drive it today »
To which, he responed,
 »Yeah, right, men don’t drive Jags! »
My wife laughed, but she said he seemed genuinely surprised that the Jag was mine. When she told me this I said,  »Since when?! »
So, here’s my question…why would this perfectly fine British gentleman make a statement like that?

Réponse d’un sujet de sa gracieuse majesté

Ignore his silly commment, no real British gentleman would say this, everyone knows that gender has nothing to do with it.

Jaguars (should theoretically) go well with drivers who appreciate… 100% pure egyptian cotton shirts, leather shoes, well stocked libraries, drinkable wines, real living ambient beer (not biologicaly dead chilled gassy lager), cricket, rugby, polite and well-mannered people who can ( mostly) spell the Queen’s english, and who like aged wood in country pubs with stone floors. Also fly fishing and stalking stags in October.

Other marques might be driven by people dressed in a percentage of polyester, who prefer football and style their hair with gel.